Self-Reflexology and Benefits of Walking on Pebbles

Walking on Pebbles or beach rocks can be pleasant and beneficial.
Self-Reflexology pressure on pebbles
Reflexology Foot Pressures Massage on Pebbles
Fall, Spring and Summer times are my favorite seasons to be out in my garden. I am always moving around plants just as I move furniture in my house. My garden is my way to be creative and playful. Sometimes, I feel I am creating a painting but a live and big scale piece of art.  My husband once asked me: “when will this garden be done?” My answer was: “never.”
I am in the process of making a Pebble River in my front yard.  I love walking barefoot, so I took my garden clogs off and stepped on the pebbles I had just spread in my garden.  What a feeling!  At first, it felt a bit uncomfortable but I could feel some interesting pressures in specific areas. It felt like some huge thumbs pressing on reflex points in the sole of my feet.  I loved the feeling after a while despite the discomfort at times. I could feel some pulsation in my feet that lasted for a while after I moved away from the pebbles and their pressures. I also could feel some circulation in my legs.  Hmm, I think I am onto something here.  Now, I walk as often as I can on this Pebble River in my front yard whenever I feel like having some deep pressure on my feet.
Of course, it is not like having a Reflexology treatment done by a professional Foot Reflexologist, but the pressure from the pebbles feels really good, and is satsifying enough especially if we take our time and let the pebble pressure work deeper to make the effect last longer and benefit the spot where the pressure is happening. Our body is mirrored in our feet. The foot is naturally devided into Zone lines that correspond to our internal organs, to all the systems that make our body function harmoniously – such as digestive system, urinary system, reproductive system, lymphatic system, endocrine system, etc…
I wish I could build a pebble walk inside my house and do it more often, and not have my neighbors wonder why I keep walking back and forth on this Pebble River.
Not long ago, I read an article saying that in China, they just created an Indoor Pebble Walk. They know the benefit of the pressure we get on our feet reflexes from the roundness and firmness of these little stones.

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