“Since I don’t feel the smaller places in my body where energy is stuck, I appreciate the “good pain” when Margo’s Zen Shiatsu trained hands find them for me through finger pressure…and then I do feel and enjoy the energy release. Thank you Margo.”

~ SCP, Portland, OR

“I’ve tried various therapies to fix my chronically bad back – chiropracty, acupuncture, yoga, and various massage techniques to name a few. Margo’s reflexology treatment helped me turn a significant corner in treating my back. Shortly after her treatment, I noticed a subtle improvement which grew over time – it was as if my back knew how to correct itself. Now I feel as though I’m healing and aligning from within. With a healed back, I feel health and vitality returning to many aspects of my life – at work and play, and emotionally. Thanks, Margo!”

– Sam Yoder, Harvard University Architecture Graduate,
Contractor, Portland, Oregon

“Margo Marver is a marvel. After a session of her Shiatsu Massage, one leaves her feeling refreshed in mind, body, and spirit.”

– Jeremy Geidt, Actor, Cambridge, MA

“I am starting to go through menopause with hot flashes about 5 times per day. I sought out Margo and after two reflexology treatments, the hot flashes stopped all together. I also find that when I am feeling heavy from hormonal imbalance, reflexology helps to lift my mood and make me feel lighter. I am also back to running thanks to Margo. My right knee and back have been stiff and sore for about two years but since beginning my sessions with Margo, I am almost pain free in those areas. I feel that my body has opened up and is now able to heal old injuries. Thank you so much, Margo.”

– Patty Baker, RN, BSN, Portland, OR

“I had just had knee surgery and was feeling tender during my initial recovery. Margo is the only person I would trust to treat me so soon. Her reflexology treatment brought healing energy right to my knee and allowed me to get back to work sooner than I expected to. Somehow Margo knows the exact balance of deep therapy and soothing touch that releases soreness and begins true healing. And she always has additional tips about health, well-being, and diet to rebuild me and keep me energized for the intense work and travel that I do.”

– Naomi Deutscher, Cambridge, MA
Speaker’s Coach and Management Training Consultant

“Our daughter suffered from scoliosis. Ms. Marver treated her and provided immediate release from pain and discomfort.”

– Karen and Martin Phillips, London, England

“Delicious gourmet healing food. Margo’s style in cooking is refined and elegant. She expertly balances meals to meet seasonal, individual needs. Everything is beautifully presented.”

– John L. Clauson, Investor/Foundation Director, New Canaan, CT

“Margo’s cooking is vibrant, creative, and reflects the caring person that she is. Her meals are unique and deliciously balanced with endless texture and flavors. Finally, no more cravings. Thank you!”

– Rachel Berger, Physical Therapist, Brookline, MA

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