Shiatsu Benefits From Margo’s Long Experience

In her own words, Margo says, “I was introduced to Macrobiotics and Zen shiatsu in Lebanon in 1979. At that time, serious health problems were occurring in my life. I had a very dear friend, Jacky Chidiac, who was at that time a shiatsu practitioner in my country, maybe the only one. She introduced me to Macrobiotics and gave me regular shiatsu treatments. The combination was miraculous and extremely helpful to me. Many women were going through menopause then, and they were impressed with the results of shiatsu, including my mom.

“I had started having a series of shiatsu treatments for specific symptoms but it ended up helping me and taking care of other emotional and physical issues at the same time. This is when I decided to stop my interior design career and devote my time to learn all about this interesting kind of healing.

“There are a lot of bodywork modalities in alternative medicine but shiatsu comes first for me. I tried many of the alternative treatments but shiatsu is my priority. I find Reflexology complements it perfectly, along with Thai Massage that is great with its stretching techniques.”

The History of Shiatsu

For thousands of years, touch, bodywork and herbs have been used by groups from native cultures all around the world to heal, relax and relieve pain and disease. In good health, Life energy, or Ki, Prana or Chi, is balanced and flows freely through energy channels in our bodies. When this vital force becomes unbalanced, our vitality drops, health problems and discomfort may develop and sickness may occur. In times past, and before the existence of doctors, hospitals and drugs, people worked on each other naturally on a regular basis. When a child or a parent would start feeling discomfort, fatigue or pain, touch in the form of massage or finger pressure was used as a tool of relief and help. Every country and culture had their own method and way of natural healing.

The Practice of Shiatsu

It is wonderful to see the revival of this way of natural healing and its use in many various techniques or forms all over the world. Shiatsu (or thumb pressure) originated in Japan. It was inspired from Tui Na which is a Chinese form of healing bodywork. Some say that all forms of pressure massage originated in India, and that it was introduced by the Indian Bodhidharma.

Shiatsu creates a deep feeling of well-being, vitality and relaxation. It can be effective in preventing disease. It can eliminate muscular stiffness, reduce tension, relieve fatigue and strengthen internal organs and the immune system. It treats the whole body – legs, arms, abdomen, chest, back, neck, shoulders and face. Shiatsu awakens the receiver’s own healing power. Meridians (channels or energy lines) travel all over our bodies and connect to our internal organs. In Traditional Chinese Medicine and shiatsu, we work on these meridians rather than the organs themselves. Shiatsu is done on a futon on the floor over clothing and without oil, or on a massage table.