Margo’s Background

Margo Massoud MarverMargo Massoud Marver is a Reflexology and Shiatsu practitioner, natural and healing cooking instructor, and Hatha yoga instructor. She’s all that and more. Margo teaches the process of health and wellness. Margo helps you take better care of yourself.

Margo believes there are simple ways for you to improve your health & fitness with exercise & healthy eating.

Margo teaches you simple ways to improve your health and wellness with exercise, yoga, bodywork and healthy eating. Teaching basic macrobiotic principles, Margo will work with you to achieve general well-being, to focus on wellness, and to attain awareness of a simpler and more natural lifestyle.

Specific problems commonly addressed through this work include stress, headaches, back trouble, ear problems, respiratory and immune problems, menopause, PMS, fatigue, depression, TMJ, digestive issues, skin problems, carpal tunnel syndrome, and insomnia.

Margo was first introduced to alternative medicine in 1976 when personal health problems caused her to turn to reflexology, wholefood cooking, yoga, and Shiatsu. She began experimenting with and learning about these holistic approaches.

Margo’s Training

Margo moved to London and during a three year period, studied Macrobiotic Healing Arts at the Kushi Institute with Jon Sandifer, Simon Brown, Bob Lloyd, Vivian Lee, Denny Waxman and Meredith McCarty. She also studied Barefoot Shiatsu with Shizuko Yamamoto and Patrick McCarty, as well as Zen Shiatsu at the Shiatsu College of London. In addition, she was introduced to Thai Massage during this time.

Back home in Cambridge, she learned Moxabustion with Kiiko Matsumoto, assisted her at the New England School of Acupuncture and at her private clinic in Newton. Margo studied Thai Massage at the Thai Massage International Center, home remedies and healing cooking with Cornelia and Herman Aihara in California, and Toyo-Hari and Shinkiko in Cambridge and Japan.

Margo’s Interest in Reflexology

Margo says, “I injured my back traveling through Europe carrying heavy books and luggage. I flew back home fine, but thought getting some kind of treatment would put me in better shape. After making a few contacts, I connected with a deep tissue therapist. Unfortunately, after I explained my injury, he went straight to the problem. In shiatsu, as in traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture, we work away from the pain or injury area. At the end of the session, my pain was worse and my movements limited. I couldn’t come out of my bed for several days as my pain became deeper and more dramatic. I called my Chinese Macrobiotic teacher in London, and explained the problem. Her first response was to find a good reflexologist and get a treatment. I did, and after a few treatments, I was back on my feet. This is when I decided to start my study in Reflexology.

I have been studying and practicing reflexology since March, 1999. I enjoy doing it, and people receiving the treatments love it.

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